Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coffee and places to drink it

Did you know I love a great cup of coffee? Not the ones that have so much milk in it that you might as well be drinking milk....

At one of my favourite Coffee places at Brighton Eclectea they also sell vintage stuff and when I say stuff I mean stuff.

Vintage, retro furniture, retro clothes, cups saucer you get the picture.
While there last week they had this lovely Cami hanging there, well not not for me as it isn't my style or size,grin but check out the suffolk puffs on it.



theredbootquiltcompany.com said...

Where at Brighton Christine? We usually sit on the foreshore at the Church/childcare end of Sandgate. We used to live at Brighton when Kate was little :o) toni xx

Kate said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I must check out that place!!!