Saturday, June 8, 2013

Travel to the USA

Hi everyone

Just wondering if I could get some help regarding driving from Seneca Kansas to LA, I have googled three different routes and am wondering if there is any advise on what roads to travel on and so on.
Any help would be very much appreciated, also are there any must see shops or antique places.

The third question we need to stay over night in different places and are there Hotel/ Motels that are better than others?

Thank you everyone, also thank you to everyone leaving a comment on my previous page regarding
Quilt mania.



Monica said...

I wish I could be of help but I don't know the areas very well that you're planning to travel through. Where in Louisiana are you planning to go to?

Yvonne said...

I know the area pretty well after many visits Christine. I should take the I70 west through Kansas to Colorado. Follow it to Denver and stop in Golden, just west out of Denver close to the I70. There is a nice quiltshop at Main Street and the Rocky Mountain Quilt museum across the street.
Take the I70 again all the way through Colorado, a beautiful road across the Rocky Mountains. Stop in Grand Junction for the Quilters Corner Quiltshop. Than drive the last part of Colorado and enter Utah, after 17 miles take the 347 to Cisco (ghosttown and than the 128 a beautiful road along big part along the Colorado River. Many westerns where taped in this part of the country. Than be sure to stop in Moab and stay a while to visit Arches and Canyonlands national parks. Go south the 191 to Monument Valley. Stay the night at Gouldings and see the amazing sunset and sunrise above monument valley. Then take the 163 and 160 through Navajo nation. Take a left to the 89 and in Cameron a richt to the Grand Canyon.
You really should spend some time there and drive south to Williams. From there you can take the 40 to Los Angeles or visit Las Vegas before driving there over the 15. Depends on how many time you have. If you need more info you can always email me.
How exiting you are going to make such a fun road trip. Hope this will make up for the last bad trip to the US.

Kathryn said...

I agree with Yvonne that the route through Colorado and Utah will be breathtaking.

When my husband and I did a cross country trip, we stayed at a lot of Holiday Inns. The quality is good, and there are a ton of them. If you sign up for their Priority Club, you might stay enough nights to get a free night.

Happy travels.

Jean said...

I don't know of any good quilt shops on that route, but if you are going through Iowa at any point, I can point you to a few.

Yvonne said...

I forgot to tell you about the hotels Christine. Best Western, Marriot and Hampton Inn are (almost) always okay but while traveling we also slept in cheaper hotels like Days Inn and Motel 6. Most of the times okay too if you just need a bath and a bed. We always eat breakfast somewhere along the way in a restaurant so that is not something we need in a hotel or motel.

Wendy said...

I like to use the Holiday Inn Express when I travel...they are really clean and have wonderful service.

Mimi said...

were you looking for quilt shops or for solid usa things to see?