Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The lovely Bree over here: Me and my 2 Guys ask if it was ok to interview me and put it on her blog, please check it out she did a lovely post and has a lovely blog.



Yvonne said...

I will check it out Christine. Just had 3 days of Market in Houston. Met with many talenten Australian quilters. Sue Daley was our neighbour at Market.

Kathleen Wilson said...

Christine, It was a lovely interview. I'm from the US (Tennessee) and had never heard of the International Quilt Study center in Nebraska. I'll have to put that on my "to visit list". Thanks for sharing.

susis quilts said...

dar christine,i saw your comment on my blog today,and you wanted to know where to find the patterns for the little dolls,i made.the author is christine cevales-labonde,and the title is:biegepüppchen selbstgemacht
it is a very good book with detailed instructions.i could not find your e-mail adress,so i hope you will read my answer here,best wishes,susi