Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time going too fast

Hi all

Not sure why it is already so close to christmas....

What have I been doing, well my daughter had Mia Jade nearly 10 weeks ago and is now mother to four beautiful girls.
My lovely son and wife are expecting their first child at the end of march, yes the family is growing and we are loving it.

I spend 3 1/2 up north in August to help my daughter, home a few weeks, three weeks holiday to the US with two friends and having a great time. Back a few weeks and last weekend we had the 60km walk to raise money to find a cure for women's cancer.
The event raised $ 3.5 million dollars and we had 1346 walkers....... Feet are blistered and I was told three nail will come off. Never mind it was worth is, friend and myself walked 53 km out of the 60 km and are very proud.
We have signed up to do it all again.

With that the fundraising will soon start over and I can show you a few small quilts coming up for auction soon. These quilts are a challenge I set the quilters using my scraps.
Once I have all the quilts I will get someone to pick three winners, mind you I think they are all winners and will start the auction. The quilts are within 40" square and I will give sizes, quilt owners and their blog when starting the auction.

Here are a few:


Kris said...

Well done on the walk! The quilts are all lovely.

Sweet Pea said...

Well done you! What a busy life.
Can't wait to see which three quilts are the finalists.
And yes...just where has the year gone?
Congratulations on the birth of baby Mia Jade. xx

Bree said...

I love the butterfly one...might have to bid on that myself ;)

Kaylene said...

I think we should vote! I love the one with the grey background. Different!
Congratulations on your walk and being a grandmother again to Mia Jade!

Kaylene said...

I think we should vote Chris! I love the one with the grey background!

Congratulations on the walk and your new granddaughter!

Michelle said...

you have been a busy girl! well done on all your achievements Christine and would love to hear more about your USA trip. Michelle xx

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Love the butterfly! You have been busy haven't you?!

quiltmastercurl said...

Looking for the pattern to your Sleep Baby Sleep quilt.
Saw it on Pinterest and love it. Is it available for purchase?

THank you,
Carol Debbout